JP Reynolds

An Incredibly unique hip-hop artist on another level bringing Life to music.


rap gumbo: Kitchen Sessions


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Ex: (January 4, 2020 - 1pm- 5pm) See available dates: Please block out a 4 -5 hour window of time to include a 1.5 hour arrival and setup time, a 1.5 event time, and a 1 hour breakdown time.
This information will only be shared with people who RSVP. You are welcome, but not required to invite people to the experience. Don't worry where you are. I'll figure out how to get there.
Be creative! This can also be a kitchen-adjacent space. We can be flexible. Also, I WON'T be bringing The Peace and Power Band for this. It'll just be me!
A liquor sponsor is not guaranteed. Using a sponsor would make this a 21+ event. Otherwise all ages will be welcome.
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